Oily-Combination / Occasional Breakouts / Anti-aging

Skin that is often oily with occasional breakouts

Symptoms of Skin Type 2

• Enlarged pores

• Oily t-zone

• Needs hydration without heavy oils

• Mild breakouts (weekly or monthly)

• Clogged pores and blackheads

• Lingering post-blemish red marks or scars

• Concerned about aging

• May have hyperpigmentation

About Skin Type 2

Skin Type 2 can be described as oily-combination as excess oil is mostly produced in your t-zone. You may deal with large, clogged pores, and mild breakouts that leave lingering post-blemish red marks or scars. Your skin needs hydration without heavy oils or pore-clogging ingredients and your skin may be going through natural changes due to aging. Balance your combination skin for radiant results with solutions by Microderm GLO.

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