Dry / Anti-Aging

Skin that needs hydration and extra glow

Symptoms of Skin Type 7

• Skin feels tight and dry year-round

• Needs hydration and nourishment

• May have enlarged pores/blackheads in the t-zone

• Skin looks tired, in need of glow

• Loss of tone and elasticity

• Concerned about aging

About Skin Type 7

Skin Type 7 feels generally dry and tight year-round. Your skin needs hydration and nourishment as it goes through changes due to natural aging. You may be experiencing loss of tone and elasticity and are in need of extra glow. You may also deal with enlarged pores or blackheads concentrated in the t-zone. Don’t let your skin’s natural aging processes determine your glow. Find radiant results with solutions by Microderm GLO.

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