Dry / Sensitive / Anti-Aging

Skin that is sensitive, dehydrated, and needs extra glow

Symptoms of Skin Type 8

• Consistent redness or rosacea

• Skin feels tight and dry year-round

• May have enlarged pores/blackheads in the t-zone

• Needs hydration and nourishment

• Skin irritates easily

• May have hyperpigmentation

• Concerned about aging and loss of tone

About Skin Type 8

Skin Type 8 feels generally dry and tight year-round although your biggest concern is consistent redness caused by hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, and/or rosacea. Your skin needs hydration and nourishment to combat the effects of your sensitive skin. You may also deal with enlarged pores or blackheads concentrated in the t-zone. Be in charge of your own glow with radiant results from Microderm GLO.

Start your journey to healthier skin.