Facial Steamer SPA+ by Microderm GLO®

Facial Steamer SPA+ by Microderm GLO®


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Facial Steamer SPA+ by Microderm GLO – Advanced Professional Skincare – From Dirt Mug To Fabulously Clean & Plump In Under 8 Minutes!

Want the same ionic skin hydrating technology used by dermatologists? Want clear pores the natural way?

Discover the healing power of negative ions with our advanced VapourSAFE ionic delivery system.

Why settle for low quality steamers that just heat water, when you can have the vaporizer technology dermatologists use in their own spas!

Microderm GLO is proud to produce the most technologically advanced, breakthrough skincare products for real women just like you.


2018 NEW! Exclusive VapourSAFE™ Digital Ionic Steam Delivery System

✔ Clinically proven restoration with a healthy infusion of up to 1.8 Million negatively charged ionic particles with every minute of use.

✔ Designed by skincare experts to give you the most effortless and efficient delivery of vaporized ionic steam every day!

✔ The Professional Facial Steamer SPA+ is here to make cleaning, hydrating, and treating your skin a breeze!


The Professional Choice for All Skin Types

Award-winning features packed into a lightweight, ergonomic, and highly efficient design:

✔ Nano Scale Steam Penetrates The Skin For Deep Cleaning & Hydration!

✔ Improves Absorption of Beauty Creams & Serums

✔ Relieves Sinus Problems and Nasal Pressure at Home

✔ Full 30° Adjustable Precision Control

✔ Ultra-Slim Design with SecureSTAY Suction Stability

✔ One-Touch Easy Sensor Control & Auto Shut Off Safety Feature

✔ Perfect for Use with Microderm GLO Microdermabrasion System

✔ Enjoy Spa-Grade Steaming Mist Treatments From the Comfort of Your Home!